All dlskits Arema FC collection full package

All dlskits Arema FC for Dream League Soccer, and the package includes complete with home kits, away and third. All Goalkeeper kits are also included

Dream League Soccer Arema FC Kits 2021

DLS Arema FC kits and the official logo is available on our website because people search from to use them in the game to make a better experience.

Dls kits Arema FC Home

All dlskits Arema FC

All dls kits Arema FC 2021


Dls kits Arema FC Away


All dlskits Arema FC 2021

All dls kits Arema FC 2021



Dls kits Arema FC Third


Dlskits Arema FC Goalkeeper Home


Dlskits Arema FC GoalKeeper Away


Dls kits Arema FC GoalKeeper Third Kits

Coming Soon…

The Arema FC official logo used on the kits for branding them, the kits are blank and the logo is necessary for the team. That is the only reason we upload it here in the PNG file format. The logo official rights owned by the Arema team, not us. Use the import URL to use the logo on kits.

How to add DlS kits in game?

New users and players are facing some kind of error at some point when they are trying to import the kits into the game. So, for that reason, we have this amazing step-by-step guide for your which contains all the required steps. Follow the instructions carefully and I am sure that you can easily import them into the game!

  • Search your desire kits on our website.
  • Then find the 512×512 px kits and Logo URL.
  • Open the URL and you will find the Kits image.
  • Now, Open the Dream League Soccer game on your android or IOS device.
  • Select MY CLUB in the Menu bar section
  • Here you can find the option Customize TEAM, click on it.
  • Select the Logo Edit or Kit Edit option.
  • On that screen, you can get an option to Download, select it.
  • The URL insert space appear, put the URL in it (which you copy from our website)
  • Finally, Select the Confirm option and the Kit or Logo will automatically import.
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Some Information about the Arema FC

Arema Football Club was born on 11 August 1987, with a passion for developing football in Malang. At that time, another Malang team Persema Malang was like a magnet for Arek Malang. Gajayana Stadium – the home base of the government club – was always crowded with spectators. Where was Arema at that time? To be sure, the club has not manifested itself as a football community. He is still a “utopia”.

Is Acub Zaenal former Governor Irian Jaya 3rd and former management of the PSSI period of the 80s who first contributed to the thought of forming a club Galatama in Malang after previously building the club Perkesa 78 with Dirk “Derek” Sutrisno (Alm), founder of the Armada ’86 club.